DirtFish Rally School is the nation’s most prestigious driving school. Offering seven days a week, year round driver education behind the wheel of all-wheel drive Subaru WRX STI’s and rear-wheel drive Subaru BRZ’s! Their students come from all over the world with incredibly varied backgrounds, from 15 year olds with no driving experience to young adults with very little driving experience, to moms that want to learn how to drive in the snow and ice, to amateur racers and professional drivers. When taking a program at DirtFish with any of their instructors, their focus is to provide a comfortable and entertaining learning environment, regardless of previous experience. Their professional instructors never judge a student based on who they are, where they’re from or their driving background, they are only interested in providing an exciting experience and creating a better driver.

We encourage you to challenge yourself with something new and fun that will keep you and your family safe on the road (or better at your next race), and to visit them at DirtFish Rally School to learn advanced car control and feel confident behind the wheel no matter the situation! No matter what you’ve done, where you’ve done it or how well you’ve done it – They will make you better!

DirtFish Rally School also showcases the DirtFish sponsored F4 car racing in the F4 United States Championship race.

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