Podcast #1 coming soon!

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Just as Austin is known as the “Live Music Capitol”, some could review the growing local interest in motorsports, automobiles & motorcycles  and see how Austin could also be known as “Speed City”.   With that said, we want to support the growth of that environment and culture.

Jon and Les fire up the microphones in Austin Texas, home of the new Circuit of the Americas (COTA) race track and can usually be found talking cars, cars and cars (and bikes).  From Formula 1 to the local events, if it go’s it goes.  Les has more track time than Jon, but Jon says horsepower and Brembos are the great equalizer.  Both these guys can turn a wrench and turn a corner, but neither take themselves too serious.  So get ready to download and tune in!  Jon and Les are both very involved in the community through charity, youth sports and of course anything automotive, so hopefully they are guys you can relate to.


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