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Since its inception in 1950 Americans and American teams have always played a role in Formula 1 from world champion Phil Hill to Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti and more recently Haas F1. American Grand Prix have also been some of the most popular events on the F1 world calendar highlighted by the glory days in the 170 of Watkins Glen. And now the current popularity of the Austin COTA event. Sadly though there has been a core audience of F1 fans the sport has never grow into a mainstream American Sport as it has never really had a true connection with the Fans of F1 in the USA. With American company Liberty Media at the helm there is a real hope with now permanent track in COTA and the potential of more street races in the USA that Liberty Media can both change the perception of a foreign sport and turn it into something that Americans can truly appreciate understand and be part of the amazing global sport. This is Speed City’s mission statement – to connect the dots between the global sport and its growth amoungst American fan. Founded in Austin, the new home of F1 in the USA, Speed City has broadcast F1 at COTA inception in 2012 and has carried the flag to encourage American fans to join in the conversation and get behind American interests in F1 both past present and future. Speed City’s mission is to become a catalyst for the growth of F1 in the USA and to be its’ voice in the USA for it’s american fans.