A.K.A. “The Mayor” of Speed City.

Les is a native Texan and loves most things Texas. Through the years, competition has been a common theme, that may be a result of trying to keep up with his siblings that were seven years or more his elder. That passion for competition materialized in many forms including skateboards, bicycles, running, sailing, shooting and of course automobiles.

He first enjoyed the excitement of motorcycles, as he sat on the tank of his father’s motorcycle. He learned how to operate the handlebar controls, while his dad operated the gear shifting and brakes. At the age of 5, he mounted his own pull-start mini-bike and that really sparked interest in riding motorcycles. Since that time, Les has ridden seemingly every brand imaginable.

As time went on, he also became enamored with automobiles. His older siblings had German, British, Japanese cars and certainly a few American muscle cars from the 50′s 60′s and early 70′s. Each re-enforced the notion that cars were more than transportation. At a very early age, in a small south Texas town, Les saw a very different car pass by. He hopped on his bicycle and chased it until it parked, at which time the owner gladly showed the inquisitive kid where to find the engine. That car was a Porsche.

In the early 70′s, Les’ family moved to Austin, to be near the University of Texas. Lucky for Les, they moved into a neighborhood that had a few car folks in it. Before long, he was hanging out, watching owners work on Shelby Mustangs, Camaros & Corvettes and handing them tools. Soon, Les was taking apart everything mechanical.

Through this interest, Les has had the experience to drive a huge variety of sports cars, motorcycles & competition vehicles. Those vehicles have ranged from a vintage IMSA car to a Top Alcohol Dragster. He is always up for a motorsports adventure, so if you have something to offer, just challenge him.

Les believes it is important to recognize the Circuit Of The Americas venue as a revenue generator for the surrounding communities and charities, as well as a source of employment and entertainment. He also believes that success is not solely dependent on venue management and he wants to do his part in helping the community succeed.

Les loves adding an element of humor to most situations, though don’t interpret that as not being serious about what he is doing.